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Date:   01/10/09
Name:   Kevin Males
message contents:   'Sorry to hear of the sad loss of another of my table tennis pals.
Date:   18/09/09
Name:   Shelley Woolley
message contents:   We were very sad to hear of the passing away of Ray Elsdon. I'm sure that I can say on behalf of Customs & Invicta teams that he will be greatly missed. He was a great player, but most important of all, he was a good laugh
Date:   28/04/09
Name:   Steven Marr
message contents:   I am looking for a table tennis league or club to join. i would like to play table tennis more in some sort of league. i live in southend and would like to have a chat with someone many thanks steven
Date:   02/03/09
Name:   kevin males
message contents:   Sorry to hear about the sad loss of Kath Peer.
Date:   23/12/08
Name:   Julie Burns
message contents:   Hello everyone, I would like to say on behalf of TT-on-Sea thank you for the warm welcome and support we have received from you all. Merry Christmas
Date:   17/12/08
Name:   Shelley Woolley
message contents:   Poor Kieran has been stuck at the top of the message board since 2007 ! So, to stop the rot....I'd like to wish everyone in the league a very Happy Christmas. Best wishes from The Woolleys
Date:   16/12/08
Name:   Paul Skeggs
message contents:   Hi All Glad to be back on the scene again
Date:   15.11.2007
Name:   kieran wood
message contents:   hey i currently play in the basildon league and am looking to now play in the southend league, i live in basildon and am willing to travel a little i am just looking for a club that is in need of a player, please contact me on 07917808657 or on my email. thanks
Date:   31.05.2007
Name:   Andrew Halling
message contents:   2nd edition Guestbook goes live 31/05/07
Date:   08.05.2007 at 17:45:11
Name:   douglas brown
message contents:   I am wanting to play table tennis on weekdays during the mornings or afternoons in the leigh or southend areas.Any suggestions? At present,I go to SETTS in Basildon and to a club in Ilford. I may be Division 3 standard.
Date:   08.12.2005 at 21:14:35
Name:   andy nunn
message contents:   just passing through, thought i would see what is going on B4N
Date:   23.10.2005 at 23:07:20
Name:   Kevin Males
message contents:   Sorry to hear about the sad loss of Reg Harris,please pass my condolences to Rob. Regards Kevin
Date:   10.10.2005 at 20:49:24
Name:   Kevin
message contents:   Sorry to hear about the sad loss of Dave Green.
Date:   04.10.2005 at 23:22:59
Name:   Bob Gabe - Hadleigh Forum C
message contents:   First time visiting site - very useful Please send Jayne Johnson's address for Reg Form as I haven't got handbook yet. Thanks
Date:   28.09.2005 at 23:45:46
Name:   Dave Newton
message contents:   Having recently retired and too old for squash, I'd like to start playing TT again after 20 years. Are there any clubs where one can join for practice? Any teams looking for players? I used to play in Basildon Div one but thats a long time ago.
Date:   13.07.2005 at 14:30:17
Name:   Victor Green
message contents:   It was nice to see the entry regarding Mum & Dad. Thank you Jayne & thankyou Janet for the copy of the 2004/05 year book. What an excellent publication
Date:   06.07.2005 at 18:04:20
Name:   harry
message contents:   where can i play/practice table tennis in southend on sea. just give some directions, i used to play some time ago, and i'd like to play again a bit. so just give me a call a write an email. tel 07704940402
Date:   16.03.2005 at 11:31:20
Name:   Heather
message contents:   Hi interesting site. I would like some info where a middle aged person who wants to start playing table tennis can go in the Southend area. Thanks for your time.
Date:   14.03.2005 at 13:56:46
Name:   Chris Avis
message contents:   Great site, found the site by accident. If anyone remembers me and can offer me a club to play for I would be interested. Just e mail me and head it table tennis then I wont deleat as spam mail. Regards Chris
Date:   05.02.2005 at 21:32:38
Name:   Darren Johnson
message contents:   Didn't know table tennis was so popular in the area. I live in hockley where's my nearest club, and how do I join? No information on website for people intersted in joining! Could you send me more info on location, and times etc. Thankyou Darren Johnson
Date:   31.01.2005 at 20:17:38
Name:   Chris Simmonds
message contents:   Warehouse 'A' Division 2.
Date:   30.01.2005 at 21:48:44
Name:   Kevin Males
message contents:   Sorry to hear about the sad loss of Brench Moon,we allways had a good laugh together on and off the table. Regards Kevin
Date:   20.01.2005 at 23:27:00
Name:   Jan Thorpe
message contents:   Excellent site ,thanks for keeping me updated Very sory to hear about Brench Regards Jan
Date:   15.01.2005 at 23:02:48
Name:   Andy Seabrook
message contents:   Hi guys. If there are any events or competions that are running, you can send to my email address. Great website!! Keep it up
Date:   11.01.2005 at 18:55:26
Name:   Charlie Crawt---- Hullbridge G"
message contents:   Good luck for all those people, playing in the Hullbridge closed Tournament on Saturday the 15th :D
Date:   09.01.2005 at 18:05:22
Name:   George Drumm - Hullbridge G
message contents:   Please send any tournaments or interesting events to me at the above e-mail address
Date:   08.01.2005 at 12:46:26
Name:   kim hosgood
message contents:   My son loves playing table tennis at school and wishes to join a club in or around Exeter, Devon. I did a search and came up with this site so if any one knows of any that would be great. Thanks
Date:   13.10.2004 at 23:33:26
Name:   Kevin Males
message contents:   Hope all my old table tennis mates are well. Regards Kevin
Date:   26.09.2004 at 22:05:12
Name:   kevin males
message contents:   tempory e mail address still waiting for bloody main land line phone. good luck to you all for the coming season, even the funny bats. kevin
Date:   07.05.2004 at 22:04:42
Name:   Denis Warren
message contents:   Good site, well done
Date:   22.04.2004 at 10:43:38
Name:   Rose
message contents:   I have a 14 year old niece who has discovered a talent for TT at school. She lives in South Benfleet. Could anyone let me have details of her nearest TT club. Thanks.
Date:   20.04.2004 at 13:27:44
Name:   Lou Hopkins
message contents:   Im on line at last, this is it.
Date:   16.11.2003 at 18:51:46
Name:   Andrew Mackay
message contents:   Just a quick message to inform you of the new e- mail address. The old will no longer be used. I was getting too much spam etc and mail from Yanks trying to research the Mackay name.
Date:   30.09.2003 at 22:38:27
Name:   Gordon
message contents:   We need players for our team in division three any one interested please ring Gordon. we play for fun beginners welcome. Playing is more important than winning.Please ring Gordon on 01268565466
Date:   14.09.2003 at 18:02:03
Name:   Gordon packer
message contents:   Does any one know frank brightwells new number if so please could tel gordon on 01268565466
Date:   14.09.2003 at 11:53:28
Name:   Babul
message contents:   Hi, I was looking for updates on the web site.
Date:   13.08.2003 at 09:02:50
Name:   John Barber
message contents:   An excellent website. Very informative, and extremely profeshional.Congralulations to those who set it up and maintain it
Date:   07.08.2003 at 01:41:00
Name:   Ken Field
message contents:   The Site continues to give us everything we need and much more. Thanks to Andrew Halling for the fantastic job he has done with this web site Ken Field
Date:   05.08.2003 at 09:13:39
Name:   colin chatfield
message contents:   It's hot in the office!! Hope everyone has a good summer.
Date:   26.07.2003 at 18:43:24
Name:   ray balchin
Date:   24.07.2003 at 15:37:26
Name:   Shelley Woolley
message contents:   Just realised that I've never left a message. So here it is:Hello from The Wild Woolleys of Westcliff ! Keep up the good work SDTTL.
Date:   18.07.2003 at 17:17:47
Name:   brian cooper
message contents:   just saying hi to everyone have a good summer break and thanks to the comit 4 all their hard work bri
Date:   17.07.2003 at 23:11:57
Name:   Matt Spero Mossford TTC (Ilford league), 020703
message contents:   Hi all, good web site!! Just wondering if any of you guys might be interested in trying out the Ilford League too???
Date:   17.07.2003 at 23:09:27
Name:   Lenny Bradley, 120603
message contents:   I was great friends with a boy at school that I used to play football with and I also used to play Table Tennis with him at Frenford. So decided to see if I could find him on Friends but without any luck. So as a last resort, I did a search on and entered his name... Little did I know how good he was at Table Tennis! So if you are reading this Grant Solder, pease get in touch
Date:   17.07.2003 at 23:03:09
Name:   Graeme Hurry, 120503
message contents:    
Date:   17.07.2003 at 23:01:37
Name:   Berti, not organised in any team yet, 230403
message contents:   Hello folks, I am very happy I found this page that I've been looking for long. I WISH YOU THE BEST, BERTI
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:56:38
Name:   SC Urania Hamburg. Germany, 060403
message contents:   Hello Table Tennis Fans, the SC Urania Hamburg, Germany is looking for a female TT player who is able to play in the Regionalliga Nord(3rd devsion). More info about our club on If you are interested please mail to Kind regards
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:58:49
Name:   Dave Calleja, 210403
message contents:   I can sign the guestbook but cannot view it
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:52:30
Name:   Mike Worship RESSC, 040403
message contents:   A most welcome website. Well done to all who contribute to it. mike Worship
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:50:48
Name:   AKABO, 080303
message contents:   ASABA
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:49:07
Name:   And y Nunn, 170203
message contents:   most impressive
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:46:28
Name:   Tony Halling, 040203
message contents:   good luck to everyone who has entered the closed this week
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:44:31
Name:   Andrew Mackay Lentern Aircraft, 300103
message contents:   It's good to see a well maintained website with all the results being posted so quickly. This is my first season in Southend league for some years due to illness, and I am enjoying it so much. I have been impressed by the level of improvement by some of my old team mates and adversaries. I have a lot of catching up to do.
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:39:45
Name:   Andy Nunn, Rawreth, 110103
message contents:    
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:34:16
Name:   Ross Collins Hullbridge F, 291002
message contents:    
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:32:53
Name:   K.Lally Hadleigh Forum the greatest, 161002
message contents:   i like the website. It is cool. Dudes
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:31:01
Name:   Neill Harrild, Hullbridge E, 090902
message contents:   Hi all, We are short of players this year and are looking for additional players who may wish to play for Hullbridge in Division One. If anyone knows of someone looking for a team, I would be gateful if they would let me know. Many Thanks
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:27:18
Name:   Garry Steel - Customs old boy & Andy's friend, 140802
message contents:   Hello to anyone who remembers me. Good to see the TT scene is still vibrant in Southend. Good site. keep up the good work
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:23:56
Name:   brian cooper, 140802
message contents:   just browsing
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:22:30
Name:   Ron Howard, 200702
message contents:   Great site and very easy to follow. GOOD INFORMATION as well
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:20:50
Name:   Trevor Belton Rawreth TTC, 120702
message contents:   A very well constructed and informative website. It is easy to use and gives you masses of information about matches, players etc. Top marks for the people who designed this and also for those who update it.
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:18:01
Name:   brian cooper - ressc, 110702
message contents:   great site great to be able know whats happening
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:16:06
Name:   Colin chatfield @ invicta, 060602
message contents:   can you mail me any information regarding the woolwich juniors, contact tel no.etc. thanks
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:13:37
Name:   Dennis Sweeney - West Essex & Woodford Wells, 270502
message contents:   Thanks to Andrew Halling for West Essex picture - hope you have many succesful seasons ahead
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:10:39
Name:   Mark Murphy, Chessington TTC, 060502
message contents:   I played for St. Peters with Stuart Gibbs in the late Sevenites. Just thought I would say hello
Date:   17.07.2003 at 22:08:25
Name:   Chris Knight, 270302
message contents:   Just keeping an eye on my old mates, Colin Marco, Dave Jacobs and Jamie Wilson!
Date:   16.07.2003 at 17:12:18
Name:   Hilary Low (nee finch), 120202
message contents:   Hallo to anyone out there who remembers me playing in the S&DTTL in the 70s and 80s.
Date:   16.07.2003 at 17:10:05
Name:   Jan Thorpe Hadleigh Forum, 030202
message contents:   Very good information
Date:   16.07.2003 at 17:08:23
Name:   stephen clifford/ whittingham, 170102
message contents:   I am running in the Flora London Marathon on April 14th and would appreciate sponsorship, as all monies raised are in aid of Little Havens (terminally ill children). Ph:01702 478005, or
Date:   16.07.2003 at 17:02:49
Name:   Luke Webster of Hadleigh Forum, 100102
message contents:   I would just like to say how much I am enjoying playing in Division 4. The site is great as always.
Date:   16.07.2003 at 17:00:21
Name:   Peter Saunders st.peters, 191201
message contents:   I enjoyd the web site very good
Date:   16.07.2003 at 16:58:02
Name:   stephen clifford. Wittingham, 211101
message contents:    
Date:   16.07.2003 at 16:56:27
Name:   peter saunders st.peters a, 051201
message contents:   great site
Date:   15.07.2003 at 19:18:58
Name:   Gail, 051101
message contents:   I just wanted all your visitors to know that I found your website when I did a search for "Hardbat" on Google. My housemate runs the website and I submitted a story there about the Southend & District League and the Hardbat tournament you held on November 3 2001. I'm one of the group of HardBatters in the San Franciso, CA Bay Area and we're curoius about the state of Hardbat play in Americe and abroad. If you have time to talk to us through or the Hardbat Yahoo! group
Date:   15.07.2003 at 19:11:51
Name:   Andrew Bawden, 201001
message contents:   Mike Watts was Mr.Table Tennis, not only in Southend, but throughout both Essex and the UK. He was undoubtably responsible for putting Southend on the TT map and producing a huge number of junior players who represented the town and indeed the county. Not only did Mike himself play to a good standard, he was a brilliant administrator. However, to me Mike was simply one of the good guys. Nothing was too much trouble for mike and I should know as I played with him for many years and he not only coached me
Date:   15.07.2003 at 18:58:48
Name:   Kerri-Lee Webb, Hullbridge E, (Division 5), 250701
message contents:   The whole website was very interesting to read and look at, I was disappointed that the pictures from the wollwich Junior league presentation were not there to look at.
Date:   15.07.2003 at 19:06:22
Name:   jeff klein, 250801
message contents:   During a point an opposing player seemed to miss-hit his shot causing the ball to spin off at such an acute angle that it was irretreivable for my team mate. A further piont was played and won after which the player that miss-hit the ball previously gestered on the side to his fellow team mate that the ball had acted funny because it had come off this thumb. The umpire was not aware of this but I was,so what should I have done?
Date:   15.07.2003 at 18:56:08
Name:   Lawrence Webster of Hadleigh Forum + Eastwood A, 070701
message contents:   I would like to thank Lou Taylor for all the coaching and Ken Field of the chance to play in the league
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:54:40
Name:   John Johnson Hullbridge, 010701
message contents:    
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:52:31
Name:   Bill Platt/st.peters, 030601
message contents:   First visit to site, impressed with good easy to follow layout
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:50:35
Name:   essex stranglers, 140501
message contents:   i the legendry chicken wing site my approval of this web site
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:48:41
Name:   Lauren Webb Hullbridge A, 130501
message contents:    
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:47:48
Name:   lawrie neville, 130501
message contents:   thanks janet
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:46:41
Name:   David Hinks, 160401
message contents:   Great web site - brought back lots of memories of the 70's! Regards to all who remember me from Rocheway
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:43:55
Name:   Gary Attwood, 110401
message contents:   My friend and I are looking for a club where we can play together and join a club. Can you give us of clubs in basildon Area. I would be grateful if you can. CHEERS GAZZA
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:41:06
Name:   mikle, 070401
message contents:   Congratulations on your hard work. It's obviously much appreciated.
Date:   15.07.2003 at 16:39:00
Name:   luke webster eastwood 'A', 150301
message contents:   Great site Andy! The reports on the junior league are marvellous. Keep up the good work!
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:44:47
Name:   Chris Knight, 030301
message contents:   Excellent site with interesting information and photos, nice to see the old boy, Colin marco is stillenjoying his ping-pong! i didn't see Jamie Wilson name in the history section! (smile) i used to play for Castle (under the leadership of Colin Marco). Please send him my regards.
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:40:44
Name:   Wayne Glossop - Siemans TTC, Nottingham League, 270201
message contents:   Nice site, bit slow. I find using java applets slows it down frustratingly, so I have dumped them all from my site;
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:36:20
Name:   colin chatfield invicta 'a' , 270201
message contents:   Well done nice page
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:33:57
Name:   Ben Boyce Sst.Peters B, 180201
message contents:   lets have more pictures please
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:32:36
Name:   Ron Coutts RESSC, 150201
message contents:   Well done. Website has been well designed.
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:30:46
Name:   Graham Collins, 090201
message contents:   Test message sent Friday 9th Feb 10.54
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:28:23
Name:   Wendy,Grahame & Daniel Cornish Invicta D, 281200
message contents:   very interesting but a bit slow
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:26:35
Name:   GarrySteel - Former Customs & Invicta, 171200
message contents:   Good site. It keeps me in touch with the TT scene in southend
Date:   15.07.2003 at 14:23:35
Name:   Mark Everard Hadleigh Forum B, 021200
message contents:    
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:37:26
Name:   Paul Reed, 291100
message contents:   Keep up the good work
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:36:31
Name:   micah evans, 271100
message contents:   hi every1!!! just to say that i'm still very much alive (well maybe not in the table tennis sense). hope that everything's going well 4 essex tt & i hope 2 c every1 again some time soon (like in the next5 years or so!!) micah
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:33:01
Name:   David Gowers Eastwood'B', 221100
message contents:   are there any press reports for the junior league?
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:31:10
Name:   Dean Andrews,
message contents:   I have not read through and as there looks to be a lot of good stuff there I have just poured myself a very large VAT and will start to read. Expected finishing time - some time tomorrow!
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:28:33
Name:   benny boy warner, 151100
message contents:   alrite my son good site except i was essex no1 and under 21 essex champion. ill ave a look at your site again soon
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:26:29
Name:   Cath Eakin Wakering A, 121100
message contents:    
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:25:09
Name:   Ray Warner / Wakering, 051100
message contents:   Excellent idea keep up the good work
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:22:28
E-mail:   RSLADE7696@AOL.COM
Name:   Roger Slade Bluehouse, 121000
message contents:   Fancy finding you here. Snap, I am into photography also. See you soon in Basildon League.(Make sure Dave gets the date right this time).
Date:   15.07.2003 at 09:19:18
Name:   colin clements rawreth ttc, 091000
message contents:    
Date:   14.07.2003 at 13:00:53
Name:   Chris Gregory INVICTA 'E' Div 4, 061000
message contents:    
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:59:18
Name:   Neil Harrild, 011000
message contents:   Good to see a "Web presence" for SDDTTL !!!
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:56:58
Name:   Janet Finch, Canvey, 161000
message contents:   Aren't you clever!
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:43:56
Name:   kevin males canvey tt c, 290900
message contents:   results for week one to follow in couple of days with reports
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:41:47
Name:   Richard Gill, 230900
message contents:   Just looking
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:40:33
Name:   Alan Wood, 220900
message contents:   good site andrew! (I must sort something out for Basildon)
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:38:48
Name:   Jim Stevenson, National Power Didcot, 180900
message contents:   To Andrew Halling...Many thanks for pointing me in the direction of your League's article on Banning Long Pimples. I have extracted it and hope to use it in our next magazine (probably within the next month or so). I will email you an electronic copy of the mag when it is finish. Thanks again. Jim Stevenson, Didcot & District
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:35:43
Name:   George Risk Stirlingshir & Midlands Counties, 110900
message contents:   Well organised site, Checking out T.T. sites for Ideas for our site at
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:31:26
Name:   James Roesis, 020900
message contents:   Good Morning, Thats a great web sit you have, keep up the good work! I would like to ask you if you know any table tennis clubs in Plymouth, Devon or where i could find some information. Thanks
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:28:21
Name:   bill hoy hullbridge c, 310800
message contents:   nice to be able to see how our team are doing
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:26:33
Name:   graham collins, 280800
message contents:    
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:24:54
Name:   Bill Harris - Hadleigh Forim B, 210800
message contents:    
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:23:12
Name:   Chris Cann Hadleigh, 210800
message contents:    
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:21:34
Name:   Jeff Wenger (worldwide T.T. Ladder), 130800
message contents:   Andrew Halling recommended your site for inclusion in our links page. It now appears on the following pages: Please let me know if the Worldwide Table Tennis Ladder can work with you in any way.
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:17:38
Name:   Lin Murray, 110800
message contents:    
Date:   14.07.2003 at 12:16:44
Name:   Jayne Johnson, 100800
message contents:    
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:30:55
Name:   gordon packer hadleigh forum 080800
message contents:    
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:27:37
Name:   Vicky Price The Deanes School 090800
message contents:    
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:25:51
Name:   Charles Sweeney - THE FORUM 070800
message contents:   Congratulations, I've just signed your guestbook!!
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:23:16
Name:   Zayd Mauthoor(Cranleigh and Frenford), 060800
message contents:   Hi Andrew, I hope you are happy now that I have signed your guestbook. C u 2morrow ZAYD
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:20:16
Name:   Graham Collins 040800
message contents:    
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:18:15
Name:   Niel Disley, Hullbridge "A" Team 020800
message contents:   Andrew you have been asking me to sign your guest book for weeks, so here we go. Keep up the good work, and the practice, you need it!
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:15:13
Name:   John Knights danbury (c/ford league) 310700
message contents:   Look forward to finding out what is on the website. I am considering playing in the league in the winter league
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:12:05
Name:   Steve Sayers 270700
message contents:   Where Can I play in wickford area, used to play, now 45. Any suggestions ???? thanks
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:07:58
Name:   tony westwell, canvey 270700
message contents:    
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:04:40
Name:   Ken Field, Rawreth A 210700
message contents:   This site is an exciting new chapter for Southend, an ideal memorial to the new Millenium. Well done Andrew for all the work you have put into this. regards, Ken Field
Date:   13.07.2003 at 21:00:55
Name:   Dave Calleja, Rawreth 190700
message contents:   Good site Andrew Keep up the good work
Date:   13.07.2003 at 20:53:30
Name:   Tony Halling, Forum A 190700
message contents:   good pictures
Date:   13.07.2003 at 18:19:37
Name:   George Reeves, Rawreth A 190700
message contents:   I found this site to be very informative with upto date breaking news and easy to navigate. Definitely one of the better TT sites.
Date:   13.07.2003 at 18:13:13
Name:   Andrew Halling 190700
message contents:   Southend & District Table-Tennis League guest book added on 19th July 2000
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