The Southend & District Table Tennis League’s

Annual Junior Championships

Held on Saturday 17th April 2010

@ The Warehouse Centre

Controller Jayne Johnson

Umpire Ken Field


With 33 juniors entering, from our 5 Junior Clubs, this year’s Championships proved to be one of the best we have had yet, if not the best. Key to this success was the role played by Jayne Johnson, who not only planned out the event, prepared all the results charts, but also ran the Control Desk. Her planning ensured that all players enjoyed plenty of matches, whilst at the same time, never having to wait too long for their next game: the key to a successful Junior Championships. Helping Jayne all day was Rawreth Junior’s Tony Reed, who continually called in players for their matches and maintained a constant Virgil on vacant tables. Tony’s was a major contribution.

The Championships were split into Restricted Age Groups in the morning and the more serious events in the afternoon. Jayne limited players to one Restricted Event, which meant that at 9.30 all players present, were in a group that was taking place.


In this event we saw the promising TT-on- Sea @ David Lloyds youngster, Sidney Dorn. Sidney has impressed everyone with his rapid improvement, since taking up the game a year ago and proved far too strong for his group, winning every game 3 straight to take the title. Not far behind, was Canvey player, Robbie Willson (son of senior Division1 player Ray & grandson of equally renowned 1st Division player Talbot Wiseman). Robbie also impressed, losing only to Sidney and with Robbie’s pedigree, I am sure he will be a force in the years ahead.  Both players had won 5 matches each when they met, with Sidney proving too strong. Our thanks for looking after this event go to Mel Jones and Ian Rattray.


This proved to be a marathon event, with 8 players playing on a Round Robin basis, playing 7 games each. Two players, Sam Lowman and Bede Kelly, won 6 games each, all 3 straight and we all eagerly awaited the clash between them. Sam proved just what an exciting prospect he is by winning the Title, beating Bede 3 sets to 1 and thus Sam remained unbeaten with his 7th straight win. This is not to take away the equally promising performance of Bede. These 2 will clearly have many clashes in the seasons ahead. Simon Lowman did a sterling job looking after this event.

Girls Under 13s

Charlotte Obeney beat newcomer Eleanor Jones 3 straight, but there were some close rallies: I am sure we will hear plenty more of them.


This saw a very good match in the finals where TT-on-Sea @ David Lloyd teammates, Kieran Skeggs beat Emily Godfrey. Emily moved into an early lead in the first set 7-4 and looked to be up for a surprise win. However Kieran gradually pulled back to take the first game 12-10. Having gained control, Kieran never lost it and took the next 2 sets 11-6, 11-7 to win 3 straight. Both players are a credit to the league. Thanks go to Paul and Hillary Skeggs, and Jayne Godfrey for looking after this event.

Girls Under 15s

A meeting of 2 players who always have a good battle and are both very promising and doing well this season.  Emily Godfrey of TT-on-Sea @ David Lloyd and Shannon Rolfe of Hullbridge. On this occasion, Emily proved too steady and took the tie 3 straight: both will continue to improve and hopefully there will be many more close encounters in the seasons ahead.

This was a repeat of the Girls Open and Emily Godfrey again defeated rival Shannon Rolfe 3 straight. These 2 girls always have a good match: both are very talented and with excellent table attitude.


This event didn’t start until mid day as there were only 3 players. Owen Warren of Legra, the Southend Open favourite, choose to not enter this event, which was very sporting on his part. This event was played on a Round Robin basis and saw popular David Lloyd player, Steven Marr, win both his games 3 straight to take the title.

In the afternoon, the competition hotted up and again, Jayne organised it so that every player in the hall was playing in these events.

Boys under 18 Open.

Premier star, Owen Warren of Legra, was the clear favourite going into this event. And so it proved to be, but not before Kieran Skeggs had pushed him all the way. Jayne called a general let for this final and everyone enjoyed a most entertaining match. Owen took the first set 11-6, but back came Kieran with some excellent attacking shots and clever serves to take the second set 11-9. Owen gradually took control and he took the next 2 sets 11-6, 11-6 to take the title, but not before Kieran had made it clear that he is a star of the future.

Girls under 18 Open.

This comprised a Round Robin of 4 players. The key battle here was again the match between Emily Godfrey, TT-on-Sea @ David Lloyd and Shannon Rolfe of Hullbridge. As earlier, Emily again won the match 3 straight and went on to win the event. Making up the group were Under 13s Charlotte Obeney and Eleanor Jones and both did well and look good prospects for the future.

Southend Open.

This was the main event of the day and with the loss of Nicole Syrendenco due to a family bereavement, Owen Warren was the clear favourite. Once again he met Kieran Skeggs in the final. This was again a closer game than the scores suggested with Owen winning in 3 straight 11-8, 11-7, 15-13. Kieran made an exceptional effort in the 3rd set, but Owen dug in determinedly to take the title. Well done all 32 players who entered this event.

Plate Singles (Open to those not winning their Groups in the Southend Open)

Those losing in the Group stage of the Southend Open went into the Plate event and again it meant that all players in the hall were involved. This event was won by David Lloyd’s Steven Marr who beat Hullbridge's Dominic Collis 3 sets to one, after losing the first set 12-10.

Drawn Doubles.

The final event was the drawn doubles, where the better players are paired with the up and coming. Again this involved everyone who had the energy to continue playing. There were several good matches and we were treated to one of the best matches of the day in the final. This involved Owen Warren & Charlotte Obeney playing Grant Burgess, Hullbridge & Adam Deadman, Rawreth Juniors. It looked very much as though Adam and Grant would take the match. They won the first set 11-8, only for Owen and Charlotte to level at 11-7. Adam and Grant then took the next set 11-5 and again only to see Owen and Charlotte level at 11-9. The final, fifth and deciding set was touch and go all the way to 7-7. Finally the experience of Owen saw them and Charlotte take the final points and the title: an exciting finale to a great day.

Thanks go to:-

The Controller.             Jayne Johnson, who worked out the draw, controlled the day’s events and ensured that all players had loads of matches and were constantly on the go: a day they enjoyed so much

The Coaches.               Of our 5 junior clubs: Canvey, Hullbridge, Legra, Rawreth Juniors and TT-on-Sea at David Lloyds

The Parents.                 Who support their children so well.

Setting up the Hall.      Graham back, Paul Reed, Mel Jones and Andy Nunn

The Hosts.                    The Warehouse Centre for the use of their premises.

SDTTL.                         The support of the Southend & District Table Tennis League.


Presentation Day.         This will be at Rawreth on Sunday 20th June, commencing 2.00pm.


Ken Field

Junior Championships Umpire

20th April 2010