Rawreth large it up at the Gold Coast

(May 2009)

Nearly six years after Rawreth Table-Tennis Club first hit the Karaoke, link, a repeat was organised by Babul McLeod and attended by 15 wannabe superstars. After first drinking at the Halfway House the stage was set but Andrew was shocked on walking in when an unknown voice shouted 'what on earth are you doing here' - it was his daughter at a work's leaving do.

Mr Rawreth (Ken) was already at the restaurant waiting for the rest, think he'd been practicing his vocals. Surely there must be some improvement in our vocal skills over the years, especially with muso Steve Maltby at the helm?

Alas no, it must have been the sound quality of the system. Vocals were low in the mix but not quite low enough for our lads!

So washing down a nice Chinese with loads more Tiger beer, many repeat performances were tried

Chants of Two Grand (Britains Got Talent!) did see Ken and Andrew join the girls on stage for a Beatles boogie

And as you can see below, a lot more was Tiger beer was drunk

But still they came back for more

And when guest's joined the Rawreth party, hands seemd to be wandering! (no names but....Duncan, Colin!

When we realised singing really wasnt up to our TT, there was time for a drink in a very seedy pub before many of the lads made a killing at the casino. Late late night, and I hear a few people were worse for wear the next day!

Well done Babul and thanks to Chas, Dave & Brian for the pics.