News Item #a02

Date:10th October 2001 arrives

For nearly 18 months now, has been running from a free hosting service and has steadily built up traffic having had over 10,000 hits. On a recent month we reached 98% of traffic capacity allowed under the free hosting and a few more hits would have taken us over the limit. At the same time we have been looking to move to a new home with greater reliability and uptime.

We are pleased to announce a move to 1&1 Hosting coinciding with a new Domain

.infos are in great demand (such as .com in the early days) and we are one of the first sites available with this new domain name.

Having a new site name has enabled a much smoother transition and prevented a shutdown while moving and I have been able to develop both sites in tandem recently while trying to get everything working.

Please bookmark the new address and let me know of any missing links or problems with the new site.

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