TABLE TENNIS AND TOTTY  - Chinese Trip 1st August 2003


Table tennis players went oriental, as they strutted their stuff on the karaoke in front of new found female followers.


The night kicked off at Gold Coast with Kevin Read (Summer League Champ) leading up silver medallists Charles Sweeney and Andrew Halling to sing, or try and sing, 'We are the Champions'.  Certainly not through Mr Read's ability, but through Hadleigh Forum, the totty in the audience went jiggy to the music and gave a standing ovation.  The standard was set, a poor standard mind you.


From there, others in the group had the urge to impress the female population and sing, particularly after many bottles of dodgy Chinese beer and the occasional shot.


The talented table grabbed the mic and sang Kung Fu Fighting, with a few high kicks from

  In the Jungle where the group all screamed down the mic and went native.  Andrew gave a rendition of Last Train to Clarkville, quite an unusual one for the karaoke.  Mr T, or, Little Hulk, as he likes to be known, put the cat amongst the pigeons with Mustang Sally, all the rampant lovelies followed him up to learn a few moves. 

The man himself, Mr Maltby lived up to all critics and shouted out Delila and the crowd loved it.  Later, half the group went all soft and sang Careless Whisper, it was shocking!!!

Graham Hurry and Babul lead everyone astray by splashing the cash and buying shots of  Sambuka. 

Mr Maltby started smoking the stuff, whilst Readie burnt his mouth and spilt half of his drink, how embarrassing, certainly no way to hit it off with the talent.


After some transport problems the whole group met at the Westcliff Casino, what an eye-full, the women were looking good.  Babul stole the show showing everyone that 21 is the aim in life, especially for Pontoon, the man was like a river boat gambler showing Southend who was boss. 


What a night, there will be many more nights like this to come.  Who says that table tennis players can't have fun??

by Kevin Read