News Item #a10

Date: 13th November 2003

The Committee Say a Fond Farewell to Ann and Kevin Males

The SDTTL Committee got together at The Old Vienna so say a fond farewell to long serving committee member and Secretary of Canvey TTC, Kevin Male’s and his wife Anne as they head off to their new life in Cyprus. Kevin said that he would miss us all, “but not for long”.

Kevin lets slip that the nearest TT Centre is some 50 miles from his new Penthouse, and he may decide to start a TT club in the local area. The Committee acted quickly and presented him with a little book of “How To” so he gets it right this time.

President of our league, Kath Peer and Andrew Halling
Sorry, that’s Andrew on the left and Kath on the right.
I Think.
I’ll send an amendment later.

Bob and Janet question whether that “Everlasting Gobstopper” really is going to be everlasting

Fillet of Breast a la Jane
No No, Fillet, not feel it. It’s a choice on the Menu. It’s made with Chicken and Mushrooms.
Nothing to do with…………
Oh what the heck.

After constantly sneaking food from Kath’s plate, Dave goes for the Flora.

Lou offers Paul a bunch of flowers as a peace offering for wearing the same shirt, but Paul’s having none of it.

Yes Dave you are in this one ………………………just

Guerning. No. This is Kev sneaking one in.
We suspect that many people who have attended an event with Kev have also found a similar shot when their pics were developed.

Dave “edges” in on the last shot.

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