Individual Membership Update - From ETTA

Date: 17th September 2010

Hi All,

We would just like to provide you a quick update on Individual Membership with the ETTA. 

Online Registration

Individual Membership was launched in July and is not without some teething problems. We would like to apologise sincerely to those members who have experienced a very frustrating time trying to register online as well as local volunteer administrators trying to meet the guidelines of the new rules.

The main problem has become apparent in that our new database is not compatible with some browsers namely Internet Explorer versions 6 & 7. Most members with Internet Explorer 8 or other browsers have not experienced any problems and have been able to complete their membership application online and receive their membership number immediately. So to assist members with the earlier versions we are providing a link to download, free of charge, compatible browsers.

- Internet Explorer 8 ( download ) ( Instructions )
- Firefox ( download ) ( instructions )
- Google Chrome ( download ) ( instructions )
- Safari ( download ) ( instructions )

Other Direct Registrations

Because of these problems we have received a much larger influx of postal and telephone applications, which have created a sizeable backlog to be manually processed. We are working to clear this backlog and will be in a position to start printing and sending out membership cards very soon.

League Administration

A significant number of players will register and pay via the local leagues with a return date of 15th November, the difficulty for the Leagues will be for the players who have sent direct applications to the ETTA and due to the delays mentioned may not have a membership number to confirm with the local league they play in.

As in some areas the leagues have started or are about to start we hope that all parties will accept some degree of trust until all direct applications are confirmed. You can be assured that every possible step and action is in place or being put in place to resolve this situation and respond to our members.

Update to Leagues and Clubs

League and Directly Affiliated Club Secretaries will be receiving a further update shortly and for those who are awaiting replies to queries, please accept our apologies for the delays experienced.

Kindest regards

Rob Sinclair
English Table Tennis Association
General Secretary

ETTA Membership advice to FAQs

1. I have a recommended browser installed where do I sign-up?

2. What is a browser?

The software used to display the World Wide Web and often the Internet in general. Examples include Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome.

3. How do I know which browser I have installed?

The top left-hand corner will, in most cases, tell you the browser provider i.e. Mozilla Firefox or Windows Internet Explorer.

4. How do I know which version of the browser I have installed?

Click help located on the menu bar in your browser.

Next click about Internet Explorer and the version will pop-up on screen.

Other ways to sign-up

We would urge you to sign-up using the online system. If however you experience difficulties please click here to download the application form and send this in with an accompanying cheque made payable to the English Table Tennis Association Ltd or via your local league as appropriate.

Postal Address:
English Table Tennis Association Ltd.
Queensbury House (4th Floor)
Havelock Road
East Sussex
TN34 1HF

Alternatively we offer phone line support on 08450 500 388 or email

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