2010/11 Rosebowl Knock-Out Competition


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1.     All Teams in the Premier, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Divisions are entered automatically

2.     First stage played on a Group basis- 4 teams in each Group, each playing each other once

3.     Only the Winners of each Group will progress to the next round

4.     Progress of the RoseBowl will be shown on the SDTTL Web Site

5.     The winning Captain must email the result of each match using the e-result within the Rosebowl button on our Website


1.     Players' Handicaps will be based on their 2010-2011 Season's Averages

2.     Certain Players, will be deemed “A Higher Division Player” and handicapped above their Division.

3.     Handicaps will be reviewed after the Group stage

4.     It is the responsibility of Team Captains, to ensure that all members of their team have a handicap rating, prior to the commencement of each match

5.     Games to commence at players stated handicaps (i.e. not netted down). 

6.     Players on a minus handicap start at nil and when they reach their minus total, they go back to nil (i.e. player on -10 starts at 0 and when that player/s points tally reaches 10, it reverts to 0.

7.     In Doubles, add both handicaps together and divide by 2: all half numbers rounded up to the next whole number 

Ineligible Players 

1.     Players, playing in the Knock-out Stage, must have played at least 33% of their team's league matches: any points won by ineligible Players will be declared null and void. 

Match Format 

1.     Each Team Captain to write down their player order, on their copy of the Result Sheet and exchange sheets before the Match commences (therefore neither team will know the other team's order of play, until teams have exchanged their results sheets)

2.     Teams will comprise of 3 players each

3.     The Group Stage Fixtures, will be as per the Handbook

4.     Group matches must be completed in the week stated in the Handbook

5.     Matches will be best of 9 Games - comprising 6 singles and 3 doubles

6.     Games will be best of 3 sets

7.     Sets will be played up to 21

8.     In each set, each player shall serve 2 points and then serve changes, continuing up to 20

9.     In any set, where the score reaches 20 all, there will be alternate serves until one player is 2 points ahead and wins the Set. However, when a player is playing a player, from a lower division, the lower division player will serve all serves after 20 all is reached

10.  Players will not change ends during the middle of a deciding Set, for Singles or for Doubles

11.  In Doubles the order of play, stays the same throughout the final set.

Any queries, please contact Ken Field at kenfield@sdttl.info

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